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Exchange students

We collaborate with Linneaus University to offer accommodation for incoming exchange students. Not all students are covered by the accommodation guarantee – please see the information you have received from Linnaeus University for more details. If you have been admitted to the university for an exchange and are covered by the housing guarantee, we will offer you acommodation with limited-time rental agreement. Please contact Linneaus University to confirm that you are covered by this agreement.

After receiving information regarding your acceptance from Linnaeus University, we will send you an offer for a student accommodation. This offer will be sent to the same email-address that you have entered in your application to Linnaeus University.

It is not allowed to live several people in the same student accommodation if there are shared spaces such as kitchen and/or bathroom.

Household insurance
It is very important that you have a valid insurance for your new household, and this is something you arrange and pay on your own.

Furnished rooms

We have specially reserved student rooms for exchange students, these rooms are furnished with a bed, a bookshelf, and a desk. Bed linen, blankets and towels you bring with you or buy on site.

Rental agreement – limited-time

After staying with us for two semesters you are no longer entitled to the student accommodation intended for exchange students.  This means that after two semesters you need to have arranged a new accommodation on your own in advance and there are unfortunately no exceptions.

All rental agreements have a three-month period of notice. If you want to terminate your rental agreement before the expiry date you must submit a termination form to us. Termination forms can be found here.

How to search for a student apartment on you own

If you want to apply for a student accommodation with Kalmarhem, you need to register to start collecting points in our queue system, to be able to search student accommodations on our website. More information on how to register, our requirement for student accommodation, and how to search for a student accommodation on your own can be found here.

Moving out

Here are some answers to the most common questions regarding your move from your student accommodation. This information applies to exchange students who move out in January as well as those who move out in June.

Can I stay a few more days after my contract expires in January?

In the middle of December each year we will know if this is possible. The best solution is that you assume that it is not possible and try to find another living arrangement on your own. If you are wondering if it is possible to stay just a few more days after your contract has been expired, please ask us in the middle of December and we will know more.

Cleaning your student accommodation when leaving

When you leave your student accommodation, you should empty your room and your spaces in the common areas such as kitchen and/or bathroom. Do not forget to clear your shelves in the fridge and freezer! You should also empty all garbage and bring your personal belongings with you or throw them away.

Returning keys

All three keys, two access tags and parking card must be handed in to our office at Larmtorget 3 no later than 12:00 the first weekday after your contract expires. Please see what you received on your key receipt that you signed when you moved in.

You are welcome to leave the keys in our letter slot in our staff entrance, the first door on the right just around the corner along Västra Vallgatan. Here you can leave the keys at all hours. Please, put the keys in a bag or envelope marked with your name, address and/or apartment number so we know who the keys belong to.

In case you have lost a key during your stay we will change the key cylinder. You will find current prices in our customer price list (in Swedish).

Deactivate internet

Period of notice for the internet connection is one (1) month. Contact Telenor the same way you did while activating your internet access (by sending an e-mail to studentsupport.fastbredbandochtv@telenor.se) but with the intention of terminate the subscription.