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International students

Incoming international student

We collaborate with Linneaus University to offer housing for incoming international students. If you have been admitted to the university for a semester abroad we will offer you housing.  Please contact Linneaus University to confirm that you are covered by this agreement.

After receiving information regarding your acceptance from Linnaeus University, we will send you an offer for a student housing. This offer will be sent to the email-address that you have registered at Linnaeus University. Keep in mind that you can only live alone in a student accommodation with shared spaces.

Current international student

After staying with us for two semesters you’re no longer entitled to the student accommodation intended for international students.  By then you will have to apply for a ordinary student accommodation by our ordinary rules.

International students who wish to apply for a student accommodation at Kalmarhem must:
– be admitted to full-time studies based at Kalmar Campus.
– be admitted with the same social security number that you’ve registered with at Kalmarhem.

Sometimes it’s not possible to apply for a student accommodation at Kalmarhem despite the fact that it should work. It’s because the automatic link between LNU and Kalmarhem doesn’t always work correct. The most common reason is that you could be admitted with a different social security number than the one registered at LNU. If you have a ”T-number” at LNU or if you have a fictitious social security number at Kalmarhem, it’s not possible to apply.

As long as you qualify (see requirements above), you can submit a copy of your letter of admission in digital form and send it to Kalmarhem by e-mail and we’ll manually open up the possibility to search for a student accommodation.

During July, August and September Kalmarhem has an ongoing student housing guarantee for new Swedish students at LNU so you will not be able to apply for student accommodations until the student housing guarantee is completed in late September/ October. Remember that Kalmarhem is not the sole owner of student housing. To be sure you get what you want we recommend you to broaden your search by also contacting other property owners in the municipality.

How do I register at Kalmarhem.se?

You register here (please use the translate function for easier navigation)

If you have a Swedish social security number you can’t register with the LNU number or with the number on your tenancy agreement. Please register with your full Swedish social security number (YYMMDD-xxxx).

If you don’t have a Swedish social security number you need to check the box ”No” and get a new fictive number. When or if you get a Swedish social security number, please visit us at Larmtorget 3 with your ID and we can change it on your tenancy agreement and on your ”My Pages”.

International payment

For payment by credit card we recommend Forex Bank. Bank details for making payment from a foreign bank:

  • IBAN: SE52 95000099603403768264

You should always (if it’s possible) write your name and OCR number on the payment. Also, please note that you need to pay in SEK, not in EUR/USD.