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International students

Register to start collecting points

Before you can register with us, you must have received your Notification of Selection Results. You can then register to start collecting points in our queue system, you get one (1) point per day. The one who has been in the queue the longest has the most points and the greatest chance of getting an offer for the accommodation they have applied for. 

International students who wish to apply for student housing at Kalmarhem must:
– be admitted to at least 30 credits at Linnaeus University based at Kalmar Campus, Växjö or distance.

You register here! (please use a translate function for easier navigation)

When register you need to check ”No” in the first box, since you do not have a Swedish personal identity number. Then we ask if you are a foreign student and admitted to Linnaeus University – please check ”Yes” in that box. 
You will then state your date of birth which shall end with your Personal code no. (Personal ID-number) you received from Linnaeus University, your own chosen password and your e-mail. 

If you get a Swedish personal identity number after registering, please e-mail us your new ID and we will change it on your ”My pages” and any tenancy agreement.

Please note! Once you have registered you need to e-mail us your letter of admission (Notification of Selection Results) that you will find on universityadmissions.se or LADOK.

Letter of admission

Due to the fact that a connection in the system, which handles study certificates between LNU and Kalmarhem does not always work correctly, it is sometimes not possible to apply for student housing on our website even if you should. 

If you qualify (see requirements above), you can e-mail us a copy of your letter of admission (Notification of Selection Results). We will then notify you via e-mail and make sure you can search for a student accommodation.

How do you apply for an accommodation?

The application process is described in five different steps, read more here.

Unfurnished accommodations

Our student accommodations are almost always unfurnished. If there is no information about furniture you can assume that the accommodation is unfurnished. If it says it is furnished the room will have a bed, a bookshelf, and a desk.

Keep in mind that you can only live alone in a student accommodation with shared spaces.

The student housing guarantee

From July to September and November to January Kalmarhem has a student housing guarantee for newly admitted Swedish students at LNU, so you will not be able to apply for student housing until the student housing guarantee is completed. 

This means that the periods international students (and all other students who are not covered by Kalmarhem’s housing guarantee) can apply for student housing is between February to June and October. Keep in mind that Kalmarhem is not the only landlord with student housing, so do not forget to contact other landlords in Kalmar municipality. 

Tenancy agreement – until further notice

We usually rent out accommodations three months in advance so to get a new home for example from 1st of June you need to apply for a new accommodation well in advance, as early as February. Each vacant accommodation has a unique access date.

All tenancy agreements for student accommodations are until further notice and with three-month period of notice. You must submit a termination form when you want to cancel the tenancy agreement. Termination forms can be found here.

Our forms of accommodation

Click here to read about the different forms of accommodation we offer you as a student.

Our forms of accommodation

What does 10-month rent mean?

A student accommodation with 10-month rent (”period of payment: 10 månaders student”) is rental free between 16 June-15 Aug. This means that the basic rent is reduced to half the amount of your June and August invoice and completely reduced on the July invoice. Of course, your agreement runs on until further notice, until you choose to terminate it.

Internet and any individual measurement of household electricity and/or hot water will be charged as usual on the rent invoice even during the summer. It is only the basic rent that is reduced during this period. 

Most of our student accommodations has 10-month rent, but we also have some student accommodations with 12-month rent. It simply means you pay rent 12 months a year, just like our ordinary apartments.

International payment

You pay your rent digitally by using a payment service such as Wise or Trustly.

Bank details for making payment from a foreign bank:

  • IBAN: SE52 95000099603403768264

Account holder: Kalmarhem AB
Bank name:
 Nordea Bank Abp, filial i Sverige
Address: Smålandsgatan 17, 111 46 Stockholm

Always write your name (if it’s possible) and OCR number on the payment. Also, please note that you need to pay in SEK. Please contact us at ekonomi@kalmarhem.se if you have any trouble with the payment.