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New law on smoke-free outdoor environments

Publicerad: 1 juli, 2019

Today, 1/7, new rules apply to smoking. The new law means that from today, smoking is prohibited in certain public places, which include outdoor cafés, playgrounds, train platforms, bus stops and sports grounds. The ban also includes regular cigarettes, such as e-cigarettes and other tobacco products.

Why is it banned?

The government wants to reduce the Swedes’ use of tobacco to reduce their use and thus the risk of tobacco-related diseases for both smokers and non-smokers, increasing accessibility to public places for those who are particularly sensitive to smoke (allergy sufferers, children) and to reach the goal of a non-smoking society until 2025.

What applies to me who lives with Kalmarhem?

For those of you who live with us, regular rules regarding smoking still apply, which you can read about here. All common areas in our properties are completely non-smoking.

I have a playground belonging to my neighborhood area – what about here?

The playground of your neighborhood is for those who live in the neighborhood. In this sense, the playground is not counted as a public place, but here our regular rules apply to smoking. Remember to show consideration for each other!