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Moving out

Here are some answers to the most common questions regarding your move from your student accommodation. This information applies to international students who move out in January as well as those who move out in June.

Can I stay a few more days after my contract expired?

In the middle of December each year we will know if this is possible. The best solution is that you assume that it’s not possible and try to solve it and find arrangements on your own. If you’re wondering if it’s possible to stay a few more days after your contract has been expired, please ask us in the middle of December and we will know more.

Cleaning your student accommodation when leaving

When you leave your student accommodation, you should empty your room and your spaces in the common areas such as kitchen and/or bathroom. Don’t forget to clear your shelves in the fridge and freezer! You should also empty all garbage and bring your personal belongings with you or throw them away.

Returning keys

When your contract ends you need to give the keys back to Kalmarhem. You leave the keys at our office at Larmtorget 3, at the latest the first weekday after your contract expires at 12.00 o’clock.
You need to return 3 keys (if you have a chain inside of the door, one of the keys should be put there), 2 blue entry tags and in some cases a parking card and/or a laundry marker. Please see what you received on your key receipt that you signed when you moved in, since there are some variations.

If you can’t leave the keys during our opening hours we have a letter slot in our staff entrance, the first door on the right just around the corner along Västra Vallgatan, where you can leave the keys at all hours. Please, put the keys in a bag or envelope marked with your name, address and/or apartment number so we know who the keys belong to.

In case you’ve lost a key during your stay we will change the lock cylinder and charge you for the cost of 2000 SEK. A lost parking card costs 500 SEK, a laundry marker 300 SEK and 200 SEK for each lost entry tag.

Deactivate internet

Period of notice for the internet connection is one (1) month. Contact Telenor the same way you did while activating your internet access (by sending an e-mail to studentsupport.fastbredbandochtv@telenor.se) but with the intention of terminate the subscription.

How to search for a student apartment on you own

After this tenancy agreement ends you can’t stay in this apartment that Kalmarhem provides for Linnaeus University. When you search for another student apartment, please note that most of our student apartments are not furnished and the contracts has no end date.

Find more information on how to register at Kalmarhem and search for an apartment on your own here www.kalmarhem.se/student/internationalstudents

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