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About us

Kalmarhem is the largest landlord in Kalmar municipality with almost 5,000 apartments, of which about 1,000 student apartments and about 27,000 m² commercial premises. 

We are a public utility company whose business is characterized by security, long-term thinking and a high level of service Together we are driven by our vision that our business and our tenants’ living environment should be sustainable, built with new thinking and give pride. Together we create homes for everyone!

We work actively for sustainable development and sustainable housing, where the management of the earth’s resources is an important part. The sustainable housing includes social, economic and ecological sustainability, which is the basis for all our activities. For our tenants, this means that they must be offered an accommodation at a reasonable cost, in a stimulating and safe environment, at the same time as we together shall constitute such a small load on the environment as possible.

We want to be the best host. Best at being a landlord simply. But not only that, we want to be the best in Kalmar. By acting in a local market, you want to be the best at making the world a little better. Already today, together with Linnaeus University, we are host to international students coming from all over the world. We are hosts of a solar park that gives the world renewable electricity. We are hosts for companies that are searching for Kalmar from other geographical corners to develop here. We are hosts to people who have fled from all the troubled corners of the world. We are here for you when you are looking for a new home, moving in, while staying with us and finally choosing to move away from us.


Texten uppdaterades: 1 July, 2019