The most environmentally friendly energy is the one we never use

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Individual measurement

It is important to us to jointly conserve the limited resources on our earth. The individual measurement is a part of the sustainable houseliving that we want to be able to offer you who live with us. Individual measurement means that you as a tenant only pay for the energy you use. We have individual measurements in about half of our apartments, but our aim is to eventually be able to offer this in all of our homes.

Warm water Electricity
1 ROK 86 SEK 1 ROK 143 SEK
2 ROK 153 SEK 2 ROK 263 SEK
3 ROK 190 SEK 3 ROK 311 SEK
4 ROK 220 SEK 4 ROK 359 SEK
5 ROK 279 SEK 5 ROK 611 SEK

How does it work?

Your consumption is reported on your rental letter (provided you have an e-invoice as a notification option) and the consumption announced is always for the preceding month. If you just have become a tenant with us, a fixed cost for hot water and electricity will be charged the first two months , then the actual consumption will be charged. Should you move from Kalmarhem or move to an apartment where we cannot offer individual measurement you do not have to pay anything for hot water or electricity during your last two months. These two months are then acknowledged against the fixed fee you paid when you moved in to us.

The hot water and electgricity consumption is measured and charged according to what you as a tenant consumes. In the hot water price we have calculated a 5% mjargin, because you should not have to pay for the consumption that is needed for the water to get hot. Consumption is measured in cubic meters (m³) and the price is SEK 74/m³. Electricity consumption is measured in kWh and the price for electricity is SEK 1.43/kWh. 

Texten uppdaterades: 28 December, 2018