Welcome to our Boskola!

Some things you can easily fix yourself - we show you how!
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Boskolan – Do it yourself!

We are here for you if something in your home is broken or doesnt work properly – but some things you can quickly fix by yourself! Here we have collected 7 short instructional films that show things that are good to know if you need to fix something in and around your home. You are always welcome to contact us or make a error report mistake if there is anything you need help with.

Welcome to our Boskola!

Films are written in Swedish, English, Arabic and Somali. Change language by clicking on the gear, speech bubble or the 3 dots in Youtube!

In the laundry room

  • How do I book laundry time?
  • Only use the laundry room on the time you booked
  • Dont overdose with washing powder
  • Clean the laundry room before you leave it!

Simple electric jobs

  • Troubleshooting first!
  • How do I replace old fuses / plugs
  • How do I reset automatic circuit breakers and earth leakage circuit breakers

Fire safety – check your smoke detector!

  • Function check and replace batteries on your smoke detector
  • Clean your kitchen fan regular
  • Keep the stairwell free from child-carriages etc.

Kitchen appliances

  • How do i change the lamp for the kitchen fan, fridge and the oven?
  • How do i keep the fridge clean?
  • How do i clean my freezer?

Clean the water trap

  • How do i clean under the bathtub or in the shower?
  • How do i clean the water trap under the sink?
  • Dont flush down anything else but toilet paper in the toilet!

Clean the floor drain

  • Under the baththub or in the shower
  • Remove the small basket, clean and test
  • Dont flush down anything else but toilet paper in the toilet!

Check your ventilationsystem for a good air in your apartment!

  • Ventilate and place your furniture “the right way”
  • Open and keep the valves clean
  • Keep the bathroom-door open
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