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Share car with us! dELbil

To be a member in a car pool and only using a car when you need it is beneficial for both your wallet and the environment.

For you as our tenant we offer you a discounted price where we account for 50% of the monthly cost. If you are a student we offer you the entire monthly fee! But what do you become a member of?

Moveabout  is the first car pool of electric cars in Kalmar. As a member of dELbil, you will have acess to a number of different electric cars with different performance and range. You book the electric car via Moveabout and then you only pay for the time that you booked the car, in addition to the cost of your membership where we account for half the fee.

Being member in a car pool of electric cars is perfect for those who just want to use a car when you need it! You avoid boring fees for parking, petrol, insurance etc., and you also make something good for the environment by running the fossil-free during the time you use the car. Read more about how it works on Moveabout! If you have any questions or concerns, please call 031-799 2804 or email

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