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Pay your rent

Since January 1, 2014, we are paperless in our way of sending invoices!

The decision to end with physical rental notification is in line with our environmental work where we constantly strive for reduced environmental impact in our daily work. For you as our tenant, this means that the rental notifications are sent digitally to you every month. The rental announcement takes place between the 12th and 15th of each month. Your invoice then appear under “My payments” on your page. Are you a new tenant with Kalmarhem? The information about your rental payment will be available two weeks before moving in. All your invoices regarding your rent will be saved under “My payments”.

On your digital invoice you can see your payment information as OCR number and your rental balance. You pay your rent in advance. For example, in August your pay the rent for September, and in September you pay the rent for October etc.

Texten uppdaterades: 28 December, 2018