Congratulations on your new home!

We hope that your new accommodation feels good and that you will enjoy it. We know how important it is with a good home - a home for you!
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Moving in

How fun it is that you moving in to us! There are some things to consider when moving into your new home. Here we have gathered a little “to think about” before the move to your new accommodation

Get your key and moving in

The first working day of each month is counted as occupational day. From 12 am this day you will have access to your new home. If this day occurs on a saturday, sunday, public holiday, midsummers eve, christmas or new year, you must move in during the next weekday instead.

Your keys will be handed over to you through our store at Larmtorget 3, at 12 pm earliest on the day of moving in. Don’t forget to bring your ID! If you have problems to get to us to get your keys, it is OK to send someone else in your place, as long as this person has a signed authority. Also, remember that a power of attorney is required in the case of earlier delivery of keys in the event of an agreement with a moving tenant regarding previous move.

For those who have a car: some of our neighborhoods have barriers that you need for a boom-key to pass. You can borrow this key from us for a deposition of 300 SEK. If you are interested in renting a charging post, garage or car space, you do so by notifying your interest on My pages.


In your contract there is contractual terms and special provisions. Information about your rent, whats included in your rent, and your living space. If you are two persons who are going to rent the apartment, both of you mut be on the contract and both of you must then sign the termination. Read more under move out.

Home insurance

To protect yourself and your possessions, you must have a home insurance. A home insurance gives you the opportunity for compensation if your belongings are damaged in case of fire, damage, leakage, theft etc. Our insurance covers only damage on our properties, and not your personal property. It is therefore very important that you as a tenant sign your own insurance.

When you moving in, we ask that you check your new home is completely clean. Should you be dissatisfied with something, you need to make a error-report as soon as possible so that we can help you get it fixed. To make a error-report, you must first log in to “My Pages”.

Are you moving into a student residence?

For those of you who have received accommodation via our student guarantee, we organize special days of moving in. When it comes to moving in for you who should study during the spring and autumn term, we will inform you about the days you can pick up the keys for your home. You will receive this information with your contract, either by mail or via the email you provided at registration.

Your keys will be handed over to you through our store at Larmtorget 3, at 12 pm earliest on the day of moving in. Don’t forget to bring your ID! You must also be able to show that you have paid your first rent.

Think of!

Keep in mind that you must be registered as a resident where you live. It has a great importance for, for example, in which municipality you are going to pay your tax, the right to grants an benefits etc. In order to be entitled to planned healthcare, you must be registered in the region where the healthcare is to be performed. If you ave moved, within one week, you must report the transfer to the Tax Agency. The Tax Agency spreads your new address to authorities and companies. You can, for a fee, order forwarding of your mail and you do so via Swedish Address Change.

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