Take care of your waste properly!

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Garbage and food waste

Taking care of the food waste is an environmental ework that starts in your home. Keep in mind, that the very best for the environment is if we all reduce the food waste. Everyone can do something! 

Since autumn 2014, all households in Kalmar municipality can sort their food waste. The food waste should be disposed of in the green bag. Kalmarhems tenants can get this green bags in their environmental houses. When the bag is to be discarded, you tie it together and throw it into the garbage for other waste in the environment. Every household is calculated to use three bags a week. When you have been using all of your green bags, new ones is to be retrieved in the environment room.

Sorting the food waste means a great environmental gain. We think this at Kalmarhem is very important because we actively work for an environmentally friendly accommodation.

The food waste breaks down and becomes biogas that drives Kalmarhem’s vehicles and the county’s buses, and bio-fertilizers used in agriculture. The residual waste becomes waste fuel that replaces fossil carbon in the cement industry on Öland.

Different remnants are dealt with in different ways.

Since different kinds of waste are handled in different ways, it is important that you sort your waste.

Correctly sorted, most of your waste can be recycled today. Of your waste following products can be made: newsprint, toilet paper, paper packaging, new glass bottles and cans, insulation, reinforcing bars, metal cans, engine parts, plastic boards, fleece shirts, compost soil and much moore (source: ksrr.se)

Do right with fat

Never put fat into the sink, take care of the fat and recycle instead.

How do i do that?

  • Little fat – wipe the frying pan with paper towels. You can throw the paper in the green bag afterwards.
  • More fat – Scrape down fat and leftovers in the green bag, wipe it with kitchen towels
  • Larger amounts of liquid fat can be poured into a bottle and left at the recycling center
  • Bottles filled with fat cannot be placed in the green bag or in the household waste

More information can be found in tke KSRR’s sorting guide


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