Are you moving away from us?

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Moving out

Is it time to move away from us?

Then there are a few things that are good to think about.

  • Your rental contract must be terminated in writing via the termination notice and sent or submitted to us.
  • The notice period is three months and commences at the next month-end after the notice has been received.
  • Keep in mind that you have to cancel any broadband and / or TV subscriptions yourself.

For those who live in a student residence, the notice period is two or three months. Information about your notice period is on your rental contract, read it if you are unsure! Please note that all contract holders must sign the form.

Kalmarhem is responsible for terminating your electricity subscription with Kalmar Energi and EON in connection with your relocation. Any side agreements (parking space / garage / storage room) that are connected to the home are also terminated unless otherwise agreed, eg. via a listing on the cancellation form.

What happens when I resign?

Once you have terminated your lease it may occur to show your apartment for new customers.

The apartment should be in such a good condition as possible when you move out, in order for the next customer to be satisfied and move into a well-cleaned accommodation. Please use our moving cleaning checklist so you don’t miss anything! If the cleaning is not approved by us, you risk having to pay the cost incurred when we have to hire a cleaning company. Therefore, consider the importance of leaving your apartment in the condition you wish to find it yourself!

Latest at 12.00 on the first working day after your lease has expired, all keys must be returned to us at our head office (Larmtorget 3). Remember that all keys must be handed in, ie key to laundry room, storage room, possible boom key etc. If there is no key you will unfortunately have to pay for a cylinder change, so check an extra time that all the keys are included!


When you terminate your lease with us a pre-inspection is booked for your apartment. This inspection takes place within 5 working days of the cancellation being processed by our customer service. The inspection takes place during daytime Monday-Friday. The time set for your inspection will be announced in the cancellation confirmation you receive via email. You are expected to attend the inspection and if you are unable to at the proposed time, it is important that you contact Kalmarhem immediately via telephone and re-book the time.

Please note that your apartment does not need to be emptied and cleaned at the pre-inspection, but we look at the condition of your apartment. Together with the pre-inspection, time is reserved for the final inspection where both you and the new tenants are invited. If you dont participate to any of theese inspection times (pre- and final inspection), Kalmarhem will charge you SEK 300 / booked time.

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