Student housing guarantee

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Student housing guarantee

In conjunction with Linnaeus University’s admissions in autumn and spring term, we offer a student housing guarantee. This means that from the date of admission until the student guarantee is met, all of our student housing is only for newly admitted students who meet our requirements.

The following requirements must be fulfilled in order to be covered by the student housing guarantee: 

  • You must be newly admitted to at least 30 credits / semester at the Linnaeus University, place of study Kalmar.
  • You should not have studied at the University of Kalmar / Linnaeus University with a place of study Kalmar previously (NB! For those who previously studied at LNU with a place of study Växjö, the student housing guarantee applies).
  • You must actively search for at least one (1) residence with us at each web publishing opportunity from the time you have been accepted and accepted your acceptance message at
  • You should not be registered or live in the municipality of Kalmar.
  • You must sign up in Kalmar municipality when you have received your housing agreement.
  • Your social security number must contain 12 digits.

What does the student housing guarantee mean?

Student Housing Guarantee means that we guarantee you a student housing offer if you do not find anything after two months of active search. Being an active applicant means that you report your interest in at least one of our available student homes per web publishing opportunity (which is approximately 2ggr / week). If you do not find anything during these two months, you will receive an offer from us.

This offer may include a student residence in or near the center, in one of our outer areas or in one of the neighboring municipalities. You can also be offered a part in a larger apartment or a corridor room. Please note that the occupancy date depends on the availability of the apartment. If you accept an offer, it is not always possible that the apartment is available for occupancy per immediately.


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