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Become applicant

How fun that you want to become a applicant!

We have about 5,000 homes in different sizes scattered in several different areas around Kalmar. We offer both traditional housing as well as student housing and secure housing for those of you who are at an age of 70+.

Found an apartment that you are interested in? Then you must be registered as a applicant!

Queue points

When you are registered, your purchase points begin to count. You receive one (1) point each day from the date you registered with us. Remember to log on to your account at least once every 12 month (once a year). If you dont, your queuing time will automatically disappear, and unfortuently we dont have the opportunity to restore lost time.

To register your interest in the available apartment that you are interested in, you must log on to your account with your personal data. By creating a search subscription, you can specify which wishes you have for your new home, and when we receive an apartment that matches your wishes, you will receive an email notification that there is an apartment to register interest in that matches your wishes.

On all our objects (apartments, parkingspace etc.) there is a specified date for when the last date is for register your interest. When this date has passed, an offer is sent out to those with the highest queue-points of those who have registered interest in the same home. This offer is sent via the contact path that you have chosen: e-mail or by letter. The offer states who you should contact for display of the apartment.

Texten uppdaterades: 28 December, 2018