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Common questions

These are common questions for us. Maybe it’s the same questions you have? If so, you will find the answers here!

Upcoming winter season

Soon the snow will come and before the coming winter season we want to inform you about how we together with our contractor are expected to manage your outdoor environment for your safety and accessibility.

At slip an snowfall, our contractor performs snow removal and anti-skid control in our residential areras. The amount of snow determines how and when this snow removal is performed. In the case of smaller quantities, the snow removal will take place by scooping entrances and stairs.

  • When the snow depth is between 5-7 cm, snow clearance must be started on communication surfaces (entrance and entrance road) and parking spaces within our site boundary. Entrance roads should be snow-cleared as soon as possible. Snow removal and anti-slip may, if necessary, start no earlier than 04.00 am and end no later than 11.00 pm or by agreement.
  • Snow on walking surfaces exceeding 7 cm should be plowed within 9 hours
  • Snow on driving surfaces exceeding 7 cm should be plowed within 9 hours
  • Keep in mind that a plow swing takes about 4-12 hours, which means that more than 7 cm of snow may have fallen before the plow truck reaches your residential area. Normally, snow removal starts at 4 am after and abundant snowfall.

When there is persistent snowfall with large quantities, our contractors sometimes have to take the priority roads again before we can get to your street. In case of heavy and persistent snowfall, it also becomes more difficult with anti-skid, since there is not much that can be done before the precipitation ceases. We therefore encourage you to always be careful in snow and slip. If possible, avoid going out on the roads!

In case of persistent and large snow weather, we get many questions about snow removal. We hope that we can make it easier for you by answering some of our most common questions below.

Why isn’t my parking lot plowed?
Our contractors plow the general surface of the parking lot and of course we try to plow even empty parking spaces. Your parking space can get a snow bank after plowing if your car is parked when snow removal is in progress. It is your responsibility to dispose of it.

Why wasn’t the parking area plowed a second time this morning after the snowfall?
We always prioritize safety. We need to make sure that emergency vehicles can arrive, that it is possible to get into homes for the eldery, special housing etc. When the priority areas are plowed, we take care of the public areas again.

Why don’t you plow the streets?
The streets are a part of the infrastructure in Kalmar city. Kalmar municipality is responsible for plowing the streets, and we are responsible for our areas.

For those who live in a ground floor apartment
According to the lease of agreement concering land apartments, the tenant is responsible for snow removal in front of his own entrance.

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