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Utbytesstudent – Exchange student

Upcoming exchange student

We collaborate with Linneaus University to offer housing for incoming exchange students. If you have been admitted to the university for an exchange semester we will offer you housing.  Please contact Linneaus University to confirm that you are covered by this agreement.

After receiving information regarding your acceptance from Linnaeus University, we will send you an offer for a student housing. This offer will be sent to the email-address that you have registered at Linnaeus University. 

Current exchange student

After two exchange semesters you’re no longer entitled to the student accommodation intended for exchange students.  By then you will have to apply for a ordinary student accommodation by our ordinary rules. If you don’t have a Swedish personal number you need to show us proof of your admittance. After showing us the proof of admittance we will manually make the possibility to search for student accommodation available. 


  • You should be newly admitted to at least 30 credits / semester at Linnaeus University, Kalmar campus.
  • You should not have studied at Kalmar University / Linnaeus University earlier.
  • You should be active in searching student housing at Kalmarhem student web.
  • You should not be registered or stay in Kalmar municipality.
  • You shall have a civic registration number that contains 12 digits.

The student guarantee means that Kalmarhem guarantees you an offer of student housing if you have not managed to find anything after two months of active search. The offer may include accommodation center in Kalmar, outer area or in one of the neighboring municipalities.

You may be offered a part in a larger apartment. If you decline an offer the housing guarantee is consumed.

Register yourself at www.kalmarhem.se. Kalmarhem will publish student housing on the webpage and you need to apply for at least one of these accommodations every week until you receive an offer.  If you are not active in your search you will lose your student housing guarantee.

If you do not meet up to these requirement you will not be able to apply for student housing via Kalmarhem until the student housing guarantee is completed in late September/October. Remember that Kalmarhem is not the sole owner of student housing. To be sure you get what you want we recommend you broaden your search by also contacting other property owners in the municipality.